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Combate Global Awards: Fight of the year

by: AnteJuric

The fight of the year election at this year’s Combate Global Awards, took place last October in Miami, Florida. Fight of the year award went to Montanez and Hernandez. It was a back-and-forth hard hitting scrap. After a nonstop exciting fight between United State’s Zedekiah Montanez (4-0-1) and Mexico’s Roberto Romero Hernandez (4-2-1), which ended in a majority draw, fans have been eager to see a winner.
Both fighters spoke about what they learned and what fans can anticipate if a rematch where to take place. Now looking forward to the upcoming 2022 season, there is a major possibility we might see both men square off in la Jaula for another 15 minutes.

Zedekiah Montanez:

How do you feel winning the fight of the year award?

It feels amazing to get the notoriety after a long layoff. I have a champion spirit and I will continue to overcome my opposition in and out of the cage.

Did you have any injuries after the fight or did you train or take a break?

No injuries. Thank God. Soreness of course because we are in a gladiator sport that takes a lot mental, physical and emotional stress as fighters, so yes, a break is always necessary to asses and go on with the next. I was back into training two weeks after the fight.

How do you see the rematch conclude?

I can see us in the big tournament winning fights and eventually crosses paths again putting on a show for the world to see inside an arena.

What was the fans reaction?

My supporters were disappointed, but proud. I was two years off without no footage on my opponent. I had six different opponents’ that I had set my game plan for. Romero was announced about three weeks or less not to mention fought back-to-back that year. He was the younger, fresher man to win that fight. I have a champion spirit once again.

Roberto Romero Hernandez:

How’d you feel winning the fight of the year award?

I took a lot of hits to the body but thank God nothing serious.

What did you learn from the fight?

I learned to lookout for better options and take advantage of the opportunities that were present. I am currently working on changing and improve my style.

Did you have any injuries after the fight, or did you train or take a break?

I received support from my fans, family, brothers, and other people I hope to deliver lots of emotions in the next fights.

How do you see the rematch conclude?

I am ready for a rematch if Zed and Combate want to. I love to fight. I can’t say no to a fight.


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