Hexagone MMA 2 took place on Saturday, October 30. 2021 with 6 fights at Zénith in Paris, France. This was the second MMA event in France after MMA as a sport was legalized and sanctioned. Also, the media regulation council in France (CSA) has lifted a 15-year-long ban on broadcasting of mixed martial arts bouts.
The main event featured a welterweight title fight between Karl Amoussou from France and Andre Ricardo from Brasil. The rest of the event gave fans a night to remember, filled with submissions and KO’s.
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Hexagone MMA 2: Amoussou vs. Ricardo

Karl Amoussou vs. Andre Ricardo
Karla Benitez vs. Lucie Bertaud
Gregory Babene vs. Bogdan Kotlovyanov
Laetitia Blot vs. Ernesta Kareckaite
William Gomis vs. Baba Boundjou Nadjombe
Damien Remy vs. Giorgi Kubejashvili