The KOK World GP 2022 will  take place on March 19. at the Avia Solutions Group Arena in Vilnius, this event will bring together the best fighters in the weight category up to 75 kilograms
Lithuania will be represented in this Grand Prix tournament by KOK weight category champion up to 71 kilograms Mindaugas Narauskas. The representative of the “Titanas” club won the champion’s belt after the fight with  Marek Pelcis from Latvia, when Henrik Vikšraitis, who had long reigned in the weight category, gave up the champion’s belt. In the semi-final of the Grand Prix tournament, M. Narauskas will face  Teo Mikelić. In the next semi-final, two other fighters will meet, Hubert Dylewski from Poland and Ben Sabri from Belgium. The winners of the semi-finals will meet in the final of the Grand Prix the same evening.
In the main event, kickboxing star, Sergey Maslobojev will take on Nika Kulumbegashvili. Don’t miss the spectacular King of Kings: Lightweight World Grand Prix 2022 this weekend live on Wataaa!

King of Kings: Lightweight World Grand Prix 2022

Sergej Maslobojev vs. Nika Kulumbegashvili
Aleh Moshnin vs. Matas Pultarazinkas
Filip Rzadek vs. Ignas Barysas
Hubert Dylewski vs. Ben Sabri
Teo Mikelic vs. Mindaugas Narauskas